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About TechnoShape

TechnoShape’s patented technology uses ‘Pressure Pause Therapy’ to stimulate circulation and enhance fat-burning around the midriff area – a notoriously difficult area to target through conventional exercise – for a more sculpted and toned torso.

TechnoShape is the perfect body-shaping solution for non-exercisers and those who don’t have a regular fitness routine.  Used in conjunction with gentle exercise on a treadmill, exercise bike or cross trainer, it is the ideal way to improve your body shape; ensuring that the fat you burn is from your midriff area, producing measurable results in just three forty-minute sessions a week.*

Sign up to a course at one of our studios or buy one to use in the comfort of your own home.  The TechnoShape machine is stylish and discreet fitting into any home and slotting seamlessly into your daily routine for a fabulous body all year round.

* After twelve sessions, in conjunction with a healthy diet, TechnoShape users have lost between five and 40cm from their waist, stomach and hips, with women dropping at least a dress size.