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How does TechnoShape work?

The TechnoShape control unit is operated through a user-friendly touch screen interface that makes inputting and accessing your personal, prescribed programme quick and simple.

The pressure chamber is worn around the midriff and consists of a network of cells that stimulate circulation in the stomach and waist area through a process called Pressure Pause Therapy (PPT).

Simply fix the pressure chamber around your waist and follow the on-screen instructions to start the device and your exercise session.

Is TechnoShape right for you?

After 40 minutes of general exercise, some areas of your body, such as your legs, buttocks and hips will feel warm, whilst others such as the stomach and waist area will remain cool.  A cooler surface area indicates poor circulation, which in turn can lead to the storage of fat.  This simple test will help you to identify those areas of your body where it will be harder to burn fat.

If you store weight around your midriff, you probably have poor circulation in this area, making it difficult to reduce or change the shape you were born with.

TechnoShape stimulates this area, encouraging increased blood circulation and burning fat; helping you to achieve real, lasting and highly targeted results.

What are the additional health benefits relating to Pressure Pause Therapy?

Pressure Pause Therapy has been designed to support the natural movement of the digestive system and increase circulation, which can also boost lymphatic and venous flow, improving your general health and well being.

Is there any research to support the science behind TechnoShape?

A research study investigating the link between insulin resistance and vascular disease shows how fat impairs the dilation of arteries and promotes local fat-storage.  Thus the storage of excess fat is more likely to occur in the parts of the body where it is already located, whilst at the same time, fat loss in these areas will be more difficult as a result.

The research suggests that exercise-induced increases in blood flow to problem areas may have the effect of alleviating vasoconstriction that is caused by excess fat and improving the body’s natural ability to burn fat locally.

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