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TechnoShape Technology

When we move, our body processes fatty acids to generate energy.  Since fat can only be broken down through muscle activity, exercise is the ideal way to encourage fat-burning.

The body fat that we burn through exercise will come from areas of the body where blood circulation is optimum, so if your midriff is naturally an area of poor circulation, it’s likely to be the area where fat remains no matter how hard you exercise.

TechnoShape couples gentle, controlled exercise – such as walking or cycling – with its unique, patented Pressure Pause Therapy (PPT) to increase blood flow to the midriff, ensuring that your body burns the fat from where it really counts.

The science behind TechnoShape is based upon the premise that if blood flow can be stimulated in a specific region of the body through the application of pressure, then the rate at which local fatty acids are metabolised in this region will be accelerated.  During PPT, pressure application stimulates blood circulation around the midriff, whilst the pause – a periodic release of pressure – allows a healthy flow of blood to the targeted area. This combined with gentle movement ensures that fatty acids are taken from the stomach and waist area, increasing localised fat-burning activity and resulting in a flatter stomach, slimmer waist and firmer skin.