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TechnoShape Courses

TechnoShape is widely available both for home use and at select luxury health clubs and beauty salons worldwide.

Courses are incredibly popular with those looking for a flexible, fast and enjoyable way of achieving a flat stomach and slim waist.  On average, regular sessions using TechnoShape, combined with gentle exercise and a healthy diet, will enable you to drop a dress or trouser size, or more, in just a few weeks. *

A trained TechnoShape Consultant will devise a programme to meet your needs and will assist you throughout your course, providing tailored lifestyle advice to complement your programme.

A typical course consists of 12 sessions lasting 40 minutes each, usually taken across a four-week period.  However, our experienced and knowledgeable Consultants can also design a specific programme to meet your individual requirements and help you to achieve your personal goals.

To find out more about what TechnoShape can do for your body, well being and confidence, read about the experiences of some of our TechnoShape devotees here

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